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What is Super25?

SUPER25 is one of the largest retail trader’s online conferences ever conducted in India. It is designed to assemble some of the best speakers in the trading community in order to share deeper trading knowledge to the retail trader’s community. Super25 is an exclusive annual event of the Traders Gurukul family.

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About This Event

India’s largest online Stock Traders Conference

What does SUPER25 offer to Retail Traders?

  • 25 speakers across India
  • 25 creative ideas & concepts
  • 25 days of Learning
  • Practical strategies
  • Access to recordings

What can Retail traders expect from SUPER25?

  • Market Knowledge across topics
  • Solid content
  • Good speakers
  • Topics across various themes of trading
  • Zero sales pitch or promotions

What SUPER25 will not offer to retail traders?

  • No holy grail systems
  • No secrets formulas
  • No Ponzi schemes
  • No Quick rich models
  • No money doubling strategies

Online Sessions

25 Speakers

May 7th - May 31st, 2020

08:00 PM – 10:00 PM daily

499 Available Seats

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Event Schedule

What is Elliott Wave Analysis and how does it work? There are 3 cardinal principles of trend as defined by the Elliott Wave Fractal that allow us to know which way the market is headed. The practical application of Elliott wave analysis is to find Read more

Price Action is an art of trading the financial markets without a single indicator. The price itself is the key in making most of your decisions. Price is the ultimate truth which is in sync with reality. In this session, understand the power of Reversal strategy to trade Read more

The session will cover details of Index construction and the free-float  Market cap approach.  We will look at the advantages and challenges of this approach. We will look at how investing Investing in Index through ETF may be Read more

""We will start with standard Iron Condor and will know when is the best time to initiate Iron Condor strategy. Then we will move to different variations of Iron condors followed by adjustment approach." Read more

Following topics will be covered:

  • Establishing a Trend as early as possible

Demand & supply are the building blocks of the Technical Analysis, all indicators are made to understand D&S much better. I observe this on charts with simple horizontal lines and behaviour of the market participants. Demand and Supply are different for different time frame trades Read more

He will be training on Golden Butterfly - Delta Neutral Strategy which has returned more than 7000 + nifty points trading just one lot since Sep 2015. Read more

Options trading favours option writers But if you can catch a big move option buyers can make their fortune. In this seminar he is going to cover how to capture big moves in bank nifty. Clear rule based trading strategy with a high accuracy. Every rule is defined so easy to Read more

"Open interest in future and option indicate the positioning in market , open interest can be used to select stock for trading as well as support and resistance. In this session, understand what is open interest, how OI can be used to find Read more

A Failed Breakout can be defined as a ‘deception’ by the market; a test of a level that results in a break of that level but the market then retracts and does not sustain itself above that level Breakouts commonly occur at designated resistance and support trend lines. A Failed breakout occurs when Read more

Investing & Trading for AamAadmi -How to avoid mishaps in investing as a layman, How to pick stocks, Portfolio building for 2020 and road ahead, Volume analysis based trading and more. Read more

There are 1000s of strategies available in google, youtube and other sources,but how do you know if it works? Even if it does,how do you know it works for you? Most of the time we lose in trading just by not validating a strategy the right way. There are major factors to consider and validate Read more

A simple and effective Intraday algo trading strategy for Bank Nifty will be covered. This strategy doesn't require frequent monitoring, so alerts are not required.The system will generate trigger levels in few mins after market opens; you can simply place the order and continue your work. On an Read more

Vishal Mehta ,CMT is chapter chair for Mumbai for prestigious Chartered Market Technician(CMT). He has experience with all the major technical and financial information company in India likes of Spider software, Reliable software, Financial Technologies, Thomson Reuters & Bloomberg. Read more

"Let’s do a practical deep dive into the entire process of my intraday trading using price action

  • How I select scripts?
  • How I segregate them?
Read more

"Fibonacci is used by many traders and investors around the globe; however, most people use it the wrong way. I will try to revisit the old concepts in Fibonacci analysis and will try to uncover the flaws and give detailed explanation of how to use the ratios correctly. To add to that, I will briefly touch a few Read more

"Technical Analysis – The Trading tool is the myth. There are various practitioners of Technical Analysis who had used as an investment tool to find the better entry price. One such legend is Richard Wyckoff. In this session, we will be discussing his theory on being the Read more

"Decoding Promoters Holding - Is the management behind curtain ethical in the business? Lets understand the early indicators of Serious Corporate Governance issues. Also, in this session, understand the power of using Ratio Analysis & Read more

Harmonic price patterns take geometric price patterns to the next level by using Fibonacci numbers to define precise turning points. Unlike other common trading methods, Harmonic trading attempts to predict future movements. Below advantages helps you to understand more. Harmonic Read more

K Anant Rao has been tracking the financial markets for close to 18 years with a career that has spanned varied roles: successful analyst, trader, broker, strategist and investment adviser / manager. Read more

She emphasizes mainly on trading with money management system for long term sustainability. Her trading system is a combination of price action as well as indicator which generates precise entry and exit points in the volatile market. Read more

"Trading Systems – The why and how of our Business There are numerous ways you can analyse the markets nowadays. Most of us who use the Technical Analysis approach can start by very basis minimum requirements. There should be a structured Read more

Abhishek employs the concept of OFD trading instead of trading the reversals to work with the smart money momentum. He works with stacked orders of smart money flow to capitalize over the zones where liquidity pools exist. Read more

Bollinger Bands are the technical indicator which is used to measure the Price Volatility.

Everyone knows about the famous quote,”Buy Low-Sell high”. Read more

One of the oldest and most popular Japanese charting methods, Renko can be used to profitably trade all types of financial markets and instruments — and over any time frame.

Let’s learn Trading & Investment plans using Renko charts Read more

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India’s largest online Stock Traders Conference

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India’s largest online Stock Traders Conference
What is Super25?
SUPER25 is one of the largest retail trader’s online conferences ever conducted in India. It is designed to assemble some of the best speakers in the trading community in order to share deeper trading knowledge to the retail trader’s community. Super25 is an exclusive annual event of the Traders Gurukul family.
The super 25 Event price is 5000rs. Early bird fees, for first 100 members, after a 50% discount is Rs.2500/-
All paid participants will get Goto webinar joining link by Email.
What will I get out of Super25?
Meaning of Life. Kidding! You will get to listen to 25 awesome speakers sitting at the comfort of your home. We will also provide access to recordings post the event.
Super25 is a annual mega webinar event organised by Traders Gurukul
We promise not to promote any other product to you.


India’s largest online Stock Traders Conference

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India’s largest online Stock Traders Conference


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